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Season's greetings!

Posted 12/11/2018

mosahybrid has made a donation to Finnish Association for Nature Conversation. To be precise, the donation is targeted to climate change work. Happy holidays!

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mosahybrid – first year statistics

Posted 11/9/2018

Short statistical review of the mosahybrid year 1 by Tero. Read more here

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LeSS presentation now available in mosahybrid pages!

Posted 9/23/2018

Tero's presentation in LeSS Conference 13-14 September, 2018, in New York, is now available in mosahybrid Cases page! Click yourself here to browse it through!

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One year ago...

Posted 9/6/2018

7.9.2017 we started our Way from Leon towards Santiago de Compostela. It was during that pilgrimage the first ideas of mosahybrid were gingerly said out loud.

There is a mysterious power for the dreams come true. Before the year 2017 was closed, mosahybrid was born. Thanks to all our customers, partners and family. The Way continues.

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mosahybrid @ LeSS Conference New York, 13~14 September 2018

Posted 8/5/2018

It will be the fashion week in New York.  More than that, it is also the week for Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) conference in New York. We are more than excited to have Tero Peltola having a key note speech at 13 September about LeSS Huge at Nokia; summarizing 8 years journey in adopting LeSS Huge in Nokia LTE base station development.

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