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mosahybrid @ LeSS Conference New York, 13~14 September 2018

Posted 8/5/2018

It will be the fashion week in New York.  More than that, it is also the week for Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) conference in New York. We are more than excited to have Tero Peltola having a key note speech at 13 September about LeSS Huge at Nokia; summarizing 8 years journey in adopting LeSS Huge in Nokia LTE base station development.

The perspective of the presentation is business and R&D management view – giving insight on business reasoning on LeSS Huge adoption steps – when the business grew from couple customer early pilot to multibillion dollar business with hundreds of customers and thousands of developers. The product development team transformed from very traditional product development to large scale agile development.

Tero will paint the picture of the several successes but also many issues that could have gone better. The presentation also utilizes lessons learnt view from a bigger team with different background giving wider perspective on the adaptation.