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mosahybrid @ LeSS Conference New York, 13~14 September 2018

Posted 8/5/2018

It will be the fashion week in New York.  More than that, it is also the week for Large Scale Scrum (LeSS) conference in New York. We are more than excited to have Tero Peltola having a key note speech at 13 September about LeSS Huge at Nokia; summarizing 8 years journey in adopting LeSS Huge in Nokia LTE base station development.

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Happy Midsummer!

Posted 6/22/2018

mosahybrid wishes happy and sunny Midsummer to clients, partners and readers!

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The rules have changed

Posted 6/1/2018

Thank you @CCEAChange of breakfast seminar with Jason Little on May 31, 2018. 

  • Change is social - it's about people, not frameworks
  • Frameworks and methods can support - but they work differently with different people 
  • Rules have changed - to survive, you need to increase the tolerance of uncertainty. We need to accept that there are much unknown and unknowable. Bare the anxiety it brings. There is less control over the destiny.
  • What is the culture in your company? Are you Enabling constraints - or governing constraints?
  • When you get the message from your own reference group and from your peer's perspective, it is more effective - tweek the angle of your messages

@jasonlittle #leanchangemanagement

Euroopan tietosuoja-asetuksen mukainen päivitys mosahybridin henkilötietojen rekisteröintiin

Posted 5/25/2018

 25.5.2018 alkaen yritysten tulee toimia uuden EU:n tietosuoja-asetuksen (GDPR) suhteen. Asetus koskettaa kaikkia yrityksiä, jotka käsittelevät EU-alueen kansalaisten henkilötietoja. Tavoitteena on mm. parantaa henkilötietojen suojaa ja rekisteröityjen oikeuksia. Rekisteröidyllä on oikeus tarkastaa rekisterissä olevat tietonsa ja pyytää niiden korjaamista tai poistamista. Tietojen rekisteröinnistä tarvitaan myös suostumus.

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meet mosahybrid @ ScanAgile conference in Helsinki

Posted 3/13/2018

March 14-15, Clarion Hotel Helsinki

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