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mosahybrid provides training and consultancy services tailored to customer needs

Usually, the training and consultancy services goes hand-in-hand. Cases may be started with the training session, followed by the intensive consultancy period.

Naturally, the training packages can also be held as one-time exercise or series of trainings, without consultancy - always based on the customer needs. 


We offer consultancy services in

  • Change management - mosahybrid is a part of CCEA Oy partner network 
  • Large scale product development
  • Communication
  • Executive Coaching/Advisor
  • Software subcontracting 


Examples of the tailored training packages

* Strategic planning for small and medium size companies

* Transforming large product development

* Communication in the changing business environment

* Employee advocacy - how to socialize and empower the whole crew?

* Executive coaching of the CTO of a Finnish listed company



Contact us and ask more - all cases are uniquely designed. We are happy to build the Service package to meet your requirements.


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