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Our story

The idea of mosahybrid was born in 347 km of hiking in Santiago de Compostela, Spain, during September 2017. We had decided to retire from our corporate careers but wanted somehow to let others to benefit of all that what we had learnt. First we thought mosahybrid more of a hobby. Soon we found out with great pleasure that there is demand for our services and it will become more than a hobby. 


Name mosahybrid combines two things: mosa comes from our Helsinki neighborhood Tapanila, nicknamed Mosa (from Mosabacka in Swedish). Hybrid illustrates our strong experience and background in different areas which we can now put together.

Who we are

  • Anu Peltola - senior change management consultant, communication manager, team leader. LinkedIn 
  • Tero Peltola - 30 year career in Nokia product development (last position VP LTE BL, Mobile Networks), large scale product development, SW processes, leadership, international operations. LinkedIn 

What we promise

We put ourselves into a game with 100 %. What we promise to deliver, we will do. 

What we do

We are a family business.  Consulting, communication, training and software development services provider. We develop, produce, and promote great leadership, coaching, and training. We also offer professional communication services.

We also invest - both financial capital and our time - in selective promising start-ups.

We want to use our own experience from large-scale global corporations in supporting organizations and individuals by making their visions, dreams, and business goals become true. This systematic approach is beneficial for all customers – from start-ups and fast-growing companies to established corporations.