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How did the N-iX cooperation start?


 mosahybrid started business development partnership  with Ukrainian sw-company N-iX during the summer 2019. How did it all start? Let Tero tell the story behind:


-          I got to know N-iX first time via an adviser project by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development (EBRD) already at end of 2017. In addition to financial services, EBRD provides business advisory services for small businesses in developing areas like East Europe and North Africa. My old school mate has been working as an advisor and he asked if I would be interested in this kind of project, Tero says. 

Tero started with the project in March 2018 and since that, he has been closely working with N-iX team.   

-          The team is led by Andrew Pavliv, CEO, co-founder and currently main owner of the company. His right hand is Pavlo Deshchynskyy, VP Delivery. And of course the sales organization that consist of engagement unit and marketing. From the very beginning I was very excited about N-iX extreme customer focus and the entrepreneur mindset the company had, and their straight-forward “let’s do it” approach.

.-          The N-iX business was familiar as well but now looking from different side of the negotiation table – earlier I had been buying sw services myself.  It was interesting to find out that the challenges of the delivery unit are very similar to Nokia R&D, Tero opens up his past experience. - Some areas are even more challenging than what I have used to before. For example, the N-iX engineers have two home base: customer organization with products and technology, and then N-iX with  community, career path and operational support. 

After the EBRD project ended, there opened up an opportunity to extend the co-operation as N-iX business development partner for Finland.  

-          For mosahybrid this is a great combo: utilizing own expertise, support business development of something that we know is well managed and good quality, and learning new things with a good company, Tero concludes.


Interested in knowing more?

Contact Tero Peltola,, +358 40 507 6978 or via this form