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mosahybrid Oy data privacy report

1. Register name

Register is called mosahybrid customer register.

2. Contact person

Contact person for any queries regarding the customer register is Anu Peltola, Vihtakuja 3, 00730 Helsinki,  

3. Purpose of the data handling

Data is collected for providing the mosahybrid services, invoicing and b2b communication and marketing.

4. Content

mosahybrid customer register uses the following information: Contact person name, email address, postal address, phone number.

5. Data source

Register's data is collected from the customers via contact form in mosahybrid www-pages or other direct contacts such as inbound emails, calls or social media messages.

6. Data handling and protection

Customer register data is stored in digital format in mosahybrid's CRM system, provided by an external partner. 

Data is deleted from the register if customer asks for it or as agreed in the contract. Data may not be deleted from the register if information is needed to provide the service.

Customer register data is not stored in paper format.    

7. Customer's right to inspect or ask for the corrections to the register data 

Customer has a right to check the data and ask for corrections to a data stored in mosahybrid customer register. Request can be done by email to

8. Cookies policy

We use cookies for following the usage of mosahybrid www-pages. Analytics data is stored for 14 months.